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Friday, May 27, 2011

Feature Friday—Kathy Matthews

I met Kathy Matthews through blogland. Her blog, Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy: The Online Diary of a Central Oregon Grandmother has just about everything in it from family to food to crafts to meme’s to pictures and slide shows.

Kathy was featured in The Newberry Eagle and interviewed by a reporter, Wendy Korn about The Art of Blogging. Kathy has some 40 blogs! Yes, 40! Read The Art of Blogging and find out more about Kathy and her blogs.

Kathy also likes to cook and so it was a likely fit that Kathy is my Feature Friday for my food blog. You can check out other foods too that Kathy has made. I have her Split Green Pea Soup in one of my previous posts.

I’m a bit of a card freak, so when I spotted some of Kathy’s home-made cards, I had to purchase a few. And let me tell you, they are much cuter in real life. You should check out the blog that features her cards.

If Kathy lived here in Missouri, I have no doubt that we’d meet to do crafts or cook or make cards or just to chat. She’s a super sweet gal with a gigantic heart and I’m so glad that I’ve gotten the pleasure to know her.

Now enjoy Kathy’s Easy Chicken Cacciatore for the step-by-step directions to make this splendid dish.

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  1. Yay for Kathy! You chose a wonderful person to highlight and said everything I think about Kathy, too!