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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grilled Brats

These homemade goodies came from Patrowski’s down in the city. Because they were special, I wanted to find some nice buns, not Wonder or Hostess hotdog buns. I went to several specialty bread stores that only had big—almost French roll type buns. I wanted to be able to taste the brat and not have it covered up with bread dough.

The last place I stopped was Clayton Bakery and Deli. They will make hotdog buns for you but since I needed them that day, I went with some round buns that they had. I decided we’d cut up the brat to fit the bun.

Grill your meat until done. Ha, how do you like those directions?

If I’m going to sauce my meat like I decided to do with these brats, I want the sauce grilled on so the sauce becomes one with the meat—almost chewy. The kind that sticks to your front teeth after you’ve taken a bite.

That’s what happened when you sank your teeth into these babies. And those buns—perfect match with the brats. I don’t think I’ll want to eat them any other way.

Rating & Type: EE/F

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