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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pork Loin, Hash Browns, Applesauce

When I decided to start this blog, I started noting every thing I ended up making for dinner. With our granddaughter now living with us who is a little on the picky side, I try and fix things that I know she’ll like. She was especially happy with hash browns when I made breakfast for dinner one night (but that’s for another blog).

We’ve all had the hash brown casserole with sour cream, cheddar cheese, some kind of soup, etc. The kind of dish you bring to a family reunion or a big pot luck get together. I modified it and used half the normal amount of hash browns since no one in our house is a big leftover eater except me.

The pork loin was easy as pie. Although I don’t know who came up with that saying because pie isn’t really all that easy unless you cheat and use an already made pie crust and dump some canned filling into it. A real homemade pie, now that takes some work, but definitely worth the effort. Check out my dessert blog: What’s for Dessert as that will feature a dessert once a week and Cherry Pie will be the first.

I digress.

Pork loin. I rubbed it with some kind of marinade spice that I had (Penzey spice: Bicentennial Rub). Baked it in a pan uncovered for about 30 minutes or until the internal temperature reached whatever is normal for pork. Hey, I’m telling you what to make, not giving you every little nitty gritty detail unless it’s already in my head or I’m in the mood or if it requires little effort.

After that’s ready to go, make your hash brown casserole. I used an 8x8 pan, sprayed with Pam. Using enough hash browns that will fit into the dish, mix the hash browns along with some sour cream, some shredded cheese (your choice). I think I used pre-shredded 5 types of white cheese (mixture of mozzeralla, provole, parmesan, asiago, etc.). I just sprinkled in a little as Logan (granddaughter) isn’t big on cheese. She doesn’t like sour cream either, but I had to give it some kind of moisture. She saw me adding it and asked if I could make it plain. Sure. Only I lied. In my book it was as plain as one could get.

I may have sprinkled in some dried onion flakes, a little garlic, salt and pepper. Logan liked it but I think she knew there was some sour cream in there, therefore didn’t eat as much as she probably would have had she not known. Keep your secret ingredients to yourself and just tell ‘em they’re hash browns. Grandma’s Hashbrowns!

Applesauce – unless you want to make some homemade (which I’ve done before), I suggest just opening your favorite brand. So long as the rest of the family is in agreement, you could sprinkle it with some cinnamon to give it a little life and a tad bit of flavor.

Pork loin
frozen hash browns
sour cream
more spices

Rating & Type: EE/P

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