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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sh*t on a Shingle

The name of this dish must have been a term used in the military as those in the military seem to be familiar with it. This was usually served at breakfast when we were little and my parents didn’t hold back on its name—shit on a shingle. That sure has to make kids want to eat!

"Here have some shit on a shingle." What?

Really though, it’s sliced—super doper thin corned beef in a creamy white gravy (sh_t, although to me it looks more like cat vomit) placed on top of a piece of toast (that’s your shingle).

Okay, I come from a mother who must have learned how to cook on a dime and things that you would think are totally disgusting. Gizzards and gravy, liver and onions, blood sausage—but I personally think they were so yummy, so when shit on a shingle was placed on the table, I was all for it.

I don’t know what the real recipe is, but here’s my version.

3 packages of Buddig Corned Beef (I chopped it into slivers and then cut in half again - see the photo.)

I made a cream sauce blending 3 tablespoons of melted butter to 3 tablespoons of flour. Slowly stir in about 1 or 2 cups of milk until you get the consistency you want. Salt and pepper. Add the chipped beef. Make some toast and put the mixture on top.

Rating & Type: E/B


  1. Lynn, this is hilarious!! And yes, good 'ol Sh*t on a Shingle was a Mess Hall treat! I didn't particularly care for it. But when times are tough and eating free (or cheaply) at the army base is possible....gimme some of that good 'ol sh*t!!

  2. Lynn, you are TOO FUNNY!!!! I am LMOF over here, in Mayberry. It does look good though, but if I make it, I'm not going to use the real name. Ha!

  3. Hi Becky and Kathy! Thanks for the comments. Yes, using a different name is probably more appropriate and although I didn't really want to call it this, I had to because that's what it was when I was a kid. I'm way behind on this blog and wondered if I should even keep it up, but you both inspired me on...

  4. Oh, Lynn....NO, do not give up on this blog! I love it...I just haven't been good about comenting! You amaze me with all your recipes...and so many I want to try!!