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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Bread

One—okay two—staples that went with every meal when I was growing up was bread and butter or gravy bread. And how I loved both, especially gravy bread. I’m not sure if that was to help fill us up due to budget restrictions or if it was just something my mom made because she liked it or to please my dad.

Boiled potatoes seemed to be another thing one could count on. I liked mashed potatoes and would whine when boiled potatoes were set on the table. I was told, “Just mash them with your fork and put some butter on them.”—as if that really did the trick.

My mom was the best home-made bread maker. We’d come home from school and that was our snack sometimes – fresh out of the oven, butter melting all over it.

My younger sister, Ruthie runs a close second in making bread. I’ve failed miserably at it so many times, I gave up until Ruthie found a new way of making bread and shared it with me. Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day was something Ruthie didn’t think was possible, but she swears by it and won’t go back to the traditional way of making bread with kneading, rising, punching, and more rising.

Before the bread is baked...

Fresh out of the oven...

Okay, bread isn’t a dinner, but I’ll bet there’s a lot of us out there who could make a meal on bread—especially home made—still warm with melted butter.

And if you’re really not into healthy eating, whip up some gravy and feel the comfort just ooze into the arteries of your soul.


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