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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tilapia, Baked Potato, Corn

If you shop at Sam’s, I’ve had good luck with their frozen fish (Tilapia, Salmon, Cod, etc.). What’s nice is you can take out how many pieces you need as the fish thaws out pretty quick. When I’m in a hurry and if I forgot to thaw the fish, Tilapia cooks rather quick even in the frozen state.

I melt butter (real butter – I never use margarine for anything), a few tablespoons in a skillet. I sprinkle the Tilapia with Lemon Pepper seasoning and sautee in butter. I know this sounds like frying, but sautéing sounds so much healthier and really, it’s not deep frying, it’s just butter ☺. It would be like baking it in the oven by basting it with butter. If that makes you feel better, you could do that. Once the fish turns white, it’s done, but I like to keep mine in the skillet until it turns golden brown. Takes a little longer, but to me, it’s worth the extra time. But if you don’t like that crunchy brown goodness, then take it out of the pan earlier.

While the fish is cooking, you can cook your potatoes in the microwave, but I like my baked potatoes cooked in the oven. I have a small little oven next to the big oven and so it’s nice for smaller things like a few potatoes. You wrap them in foil, prick with fork and cook in the oven (350) for at least an hour. Or if you don’t mind having your oven on, the potatoes are even better at a lower temperature and baked longer. If your short on time, you can microwave for a little, put them in foil and then cook in the oven. That helps give it the oven kind of flavor with less time involved. Make sure you slather the potato with some butter before putting it in the foil. Yes, real butter.

If you don’t like corn, heat up some other vegetable.


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