Just in case you don't think there is any rhyme or reason to this dinner blog, here it is: It's a rotating week. Monday Beat the Blues Comfort Food; Tempting Tuesday; Casserole Wednesday; Tasty Thursday; Featured Friday (where I feature a special person and their recipe); Saturday Side Dish; Sunday Soups/Scoops/Specials. Each week I'll be blogging on a different day, so there's something new about every eight days.

NOTE: This blog will be changing. Stay tuned for a new look and routine of when I will post.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Changing Things Again

Here I go changing things again. Starting Monday, April 25 (the day after Easter) this blog will go weekly, and I’m going on a little hiatus until then.

Doing the food blog daily has been too time consuming and not leaving me much time for other things that I want to write, or other creative activities that I love doing—photography, gardening, and yeah, cooking.

I want to keep the categories that I had set up (see April 1, Some Ideas on This Blog). The categories: Monday Beat the Blues Comfort Food; Tempting Tuesday; Casserole Wednesday, Tasty Thursday, Featured Friday, Saturday Side Dish, and Sunday Soup/Scoops/Special. Each week I will be blogging on a different day. Monday, April 25 will be Comfort Food, the following week I will blog on Tuesday, May 3, the next week on Wednesday, May 11—it’s every 8 days.

Most folks don’t have time to read a blog every day unless they’re only following one and that’s all they have to read. Even that can be pressing sometimes. I don’t know about you, but as a writer I love to read, and my stack of books grows faster than I can get through them.

With that I hope you enjoy what you see here, hope you try some recipes, hope I give you some ideas of what to have for dinner, and hope you share your thoughts!

Bon Appetite every 8 days!


  1. Hey Lynn! Good idea! I don't blame you one bit. You do a lot of work putting together your photos and recipes. I think once a week is the perfect amount of posts!!

  2. Hi Lynn ... I love all of your blogs, and I'll read whatever you post ... but I have been behind. I imagine that your cooking blogs take up a lot of your time, and you have to cook dinner every night ... what if you want to go to Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

  3. Thanks Becky and Kathy. I pretty much cook every night, but trying to blog about it daily was getting too much.