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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crab Cakes

Tempting Tuesday has me stumped. I wanted to have dishes that were on the higher end of calories and fat. Everything seems to be more on the high calorie end, unless you’re eating straight up vegetables.

I personally don’t like to cook with low fat anything. I think that’s part of why my food taste good because it’s not hidden under fake ingredients. Real butter. Real cream. Real everything. It’s not that I cook high in fat or high in calories all the time, but what small amounts of ingredients that do go into some dishes, it doesn’t make sense to ruin it with some low fat tasteless stuff. What’s the point of going through all that work? You might as well just grab a veggie and munch.

I’m all for eating healthy, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want to skimp on key ingredients when I'm cooking.

Today it’s Crab Cakes. I have no idea if they are high in calories. I’ve made them from scratch before, however, there’s a Member’s Mark (Sam’s) brand which is pretty hard to beat and saves a lot of time. I need time lately.

Our favorite place to eat out for crab cakes is Bristo’s. There are crab cakes with more filler and then there are crab cakes with lots of crab. Bristo’s has lots of crab as do the above mentioned brand.

Take them out of the package, heat in oven until brown. A good 30 minutes. You can top them with Thousand Island salad dressing (okay, so here’s where the calories come in). I would usually serve this with a salad.

Yikes, I just read the back of the box: 15g of fat and 210 calories for one crab cake. Guess crab cakes work for Tempting Tuesday!

Rating & Type: EE/F

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