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Friday, April 15, 2011

Feature Friday—Mr. Smeagol & Ms. Kitty

Probably should call this one Feline Featured Friday—with Mr. Smeagol (black and white) and Ms. Kitty (tiger).

Smeagol’s been in the family since he was about 5 or 6 months old. I think he’s about 7 now, I can't keep track. Ms. Kitty just moved in with her momma, Jessica. I think Ms. Kitty’s a little over a year.

Ms. Kitty and Jessica will be here for about 4 months. We all thought King Smeagol would go bizerk and not tolerate Kitty because he usually acts weird with any kind of animal. We allowed Ms. Kitty in so long as Smeagol didn’t start acting goofy. We'd give it two weeks. Two weeks are up and I think they are going to be okay.

Smeagol has been the calmer of the two. It must have had to do with that cat talk I had with Smeagol before Ms. Kitty moved in. I told him that he was going to have company and he needed to learn how to get along.

Smeagol let Ms. Kitty eat out of his dish, but before I could snap a picture, Ms. Kitty disappeared. It gave me the idea of featuring the two felines.

Smeagol can only tolerate Trader Joe’s Holistic dry cat food. We’ve tried all kinds of brands. Smeagol is a puker. He cleans himself so much, fur balls fly out like Jiffy Pop, especially after he eats. No, he doesn’t have something wrong with him. He’s been a puker since day one. When he was sick and vomiting something other than his normal, he was taken to the emergency room. Long story, extensive testing and $1500 later, they found nothing wrong. I joke that he’s bulimic and wants to keep his trim figure. He doesn’t bring up the food as much with Trader Joe’s Holistic, so we’re fans. It’s tiresome cleaning up cat puke on a regular basis.

Other than Smeagol’s food, I’m not sure what Ms. Kitty eats. Her food looks a little more colorful than the drab brown of Smeag’s morsels.

Ms. Kitty and Smeagol are working hard at being friends. They follow each other around and hiss and do a little paw punching, but no one has gotten hurt. The months will whiz by, they’ll be the best of friends and I’ll bet they’ll be sad when they have to part ways.

They recommend table scraps if the owners allow it as a nice little treat. Beg as much as you can get away with. They also recommend a nice nap after eating.

P.S. They now nap on the same bed. Progress.

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