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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cod in Cream Sauce

Whenever I ask my husband what he would like for dinner, his usual reply is something like, “Whatever you want to make.” or “Surprise me.” And on rare occasions he might come up with, “How about fish?” or “How about chicken.” I should surprise him all right and plop a raw whole fish or chicken on his plate sometime.

And so this night, he gave his stock answer, “How about fish?” Hey it is a start. I took out some cod, saw the spinach in the freezer too—ah ha, I’ll make creamed spinach with the fish. I made the cream sauce, added the spinach and then decided I would make another batch of cream sauce and let the cod poach in the creamy liquid. Not sure how it was going to turn out, the fish browned in the sauce. That was a surprise to me. Bigger surprise than my husband’s answer on what to have for dinner.

One could probably cook just about anything in cream sauce, don’t you think?

My Version of Cream Sauce
3 Tablespoons butter
3 Tablespoons flour
1 to 2 cups milk (depending on thickness of sauce)
salt and pepper

Melt butter in skillet, whisk in flour. Slowly add in the milk stirring constantly until you get the desired consistency. (If you’re making creamed spinach, then add the spinach—even if it’s frozen, it’ll thaw in the sauce. I sprinkled a little garlic powder in there too. If you’re poaching cod, place the filets in the sauce and cook until the fish is done.)

I think I served some rice with this. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to serve two creamy things, but I thought they complemented each other rather nicely.


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  1. Yes, he loved it. He pretty much loves everything except that Caramelized Fish dish that I made. Ewwww.