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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Take a peak in the ole ice box… err, refrigerator. I grew up with my parents calling the refrigerator an ice box since that’s what they grew up with—an honest to goodness ice box. For some reason, the name ice box has stuck and I’ll probably always call the refrigerator an ice box.

My husband is always correcting me when I say, “Honey, will you get the mustard out of the ice box?”

“You mean refrigerator?”

“No, I mean ice box.”

When I tell the grandkids to put something in the ice box or to get something out of the ice box, they open up the freezer. Hey, they’re not stupid. Ice. Freezer. Kind of the same.

I never think about what that must sound like to them. Although if they’ve been around me, they’ll pick up things as I talk to myself. “Oh, better get the cream cheese out of the ice box so it can soften.” And I head to the refrigerator, open the door and pull out the cream cheese.

So this week’s Tasty Thursday could be tasty, depending on what’s in your fridge… err, ice box.


  1. Ha! Love this! My mother called it the ice box sometimes, too...and also just The Fridge. I'd love to have a retro kitchen, with the formica table and chairs and the "fridge" with the handle on the door. But, I would kind of like to still have an ice maker, somehow!!

  2. Yeah, what would we do without ice makers?