Just in case you don't think there is any rhyme or reason to this dinner blog, here it is: It's a rotating week. Monday Beat the Blues Comfort Food; Tempting Tuesday; Casserole Wednesday; Tasty Thursday; Featured Friday (where I feature a special person and their recipe); Saturday Side Dish; Sunday Soups/Scoops/Specials. Each week I'll be blogging on a different day, so there's something new about every eight days.

NOTE: This blog will be changing. Stay tuned for a new look and routine of when I will post.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Some Ideas on this Blog

April Fool! No food today—and no, this is not a joke ☺

Whoever might be reading or following this, I’ve been doing a little thinking and came up with a few ideas for this blog. One of them is going to require some follower participation and I wanted to get your feedback.

I decided that I would make each day some kind of theme:

Beat the Monday Blues (comfort food)
Tempting Tuesday (nothing low fat here)
Casserole Wednesday (casseroles)
Tasty Thursday (whatever might be tasty)
Favorite Feature Friday (featuring a follower/person and their favorite recipe)
Side Dish Saturday (side dishes)
Sunday Soups or Scoops or Specials (soups or something special)

I’ll probably begin these themes next Monday, April 4.

Anyone like to give it a shot and be featured with their favorite recipe? I’ll cook your recipe and take photos, although I can't guarantee that it'll look like yours (so you can supply the photos, if you want) and I'll link to your blog/website. We’re talking some serious networking here. Come one, everyone has a favorite recipe or at least something they like.

Oh, all right, I'll beg. Please, pretty please.


  1. Hey Lynn...I would LOVE to participate...only I don't think I have any recipes worth trying!! Really! I am not a cook, unfortunately! But I will still love to read about them and leave comments! This just reminded me that I need to promote this new blog of yours. I'll get right to that!!

  2. Great Becky - thank you. I'll be featuring my little sister for the first one, so if you'd be the second featured, that'd be wonderful. I'll email you with more details. Thank you!